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Mother Earth and the Four Directions

of the Medicine Wheel



Transformational Sacred Drum Medicine Shamanic Hand Drums

Types of Hides: Cow, Natural/ Deer, Bleached/ Deer, Natural/ Elk, Bleached/Elk, Natural/Buffalo, Natural/ Buffalo, Natural. (All drums made to order in ceremony and setting of intentions) 

* NOW* Taking Orders! 

Shipping not Included in Price

Size and Drum Pricing: 

10 inch drum- $200.00

12 Inch drum- $250.00

14 inch drum- $350.00

15 inch drum- $450.00

16 inch drum- $550.00

18 inch drum- $575.00

20 inch drum- $675.00

Transformational Sacred Drum Medicine harvests Sacred White Mountain Sage Medicine

by offering tobacco and asking for permission from Mother Earth and the Four Directions of the Medicine Wheel.

Sage is only taken in a good way through an exchange of energies. Purchase yours for ceremonial or personal use, as well as gifts. Use Sage Medicine to clear yourself or your home of unwanted energies. 
$15.00 per Smudge Stick

Plus Shipping and Handling. Will Ship World Wide

Transformational Sacred Drum Medicine multi-use Ceremonial Thunderbird Blankets

in various colors. Use for Ceremonies, Sweat Lodge, Studio Work Shops. May also be used as gifts to honor Elders, Loved Ones and Friends or for use around the house and healing rooms.
$35.00 All Ceremonial Blankets

Plus Shipping and Handling

Transformational Sacred Drum Medicine Uses sacred sage, drum, rattle and intention to Cleanse, Clear & Bless your new or existing home and properties of any unwanted energies you  feel in your home. Allowing you to be in your living space comfortably and without worry of negative or unwanted energies.
Home Clearing, Cleansing's  and Blessings  $200.00 

Additional Charges May Apply Depending on Travel Time & Distance

Plus Shipping and Handling

Ceremonial Gifts and Services Purchasing Information

Now Taking Orders!