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Are you ready? Are you Ready?

Are you Ready?


Join me and allow transformation to take place.

Learn to walk in your own power and be guided to a healthier more focused life.

Learn to be grounded and in your body when making decisions

or walking through life's journey.

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Full Moon/Solar Eclipse Fire Ceremony

with Gentle Thunder & ~ Walking Crow

Transformational Sacred Drum Medicine


Tuesday, November 8th, 2022

6 PM – 7:30 PM

Join us for an intimate Full Moon/Solar Eclipse Celebration with special guest "Gentle Thunder" and "Walking Crow".
We will set our intentions with Ceremonial Cacao, prepared by Gentle Thunder, then you will taken on a Shamanic Journey and connect you with the Heart beat of Mamma Gaia and the vibrations from Sacred drum medicine.


You will be divinely connected to the memory of your mothers heart, the first sound you heard and connected to in utero. You may also experience a deeper connection with your Ancestors, Spirit Guides/Animals. A deeper feeling of LOVE for self! Work through your Shadows to illuminate the Light within, through Ancestral/Medicine songs and Shamanic chanting.

Offer your intentions of letting go and gratitude with a cleansing fire and purification ceremony.

Location: Private Residence - contact Walking Crow
Energy Exchange: $55.00
RSVP by clicking on Venmo link:

Open: Singing of Spirit

Closing: Sing Spirit

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Healing the Language of Lack and Lineage
with ~ Walking Crow
Transformational Sacred Drum Medicine


Online Live on Zoom

Sundays in 2022

November 13th

November 27th

December 11th

9:00 AM- 12:00 PM

Cost: Registration $111.00

How many times have you set goals and failed to reach them? How many times have you called yourself dumb, stupid, ugly, fat or a failure, and have felt manipulated by feelings of guilt and shame?

Change the cycle, change the voice, change how you speak of and to yourself. Uncover where those traits came from and come into a new power, a power that has always been there, but has been buried under self-doubt, self-loathing, unhealthy self-speak and self-sabotage.

Are you ready to unearth the new true you and overcome the ways you were taught to communicate by well-meaning family and friends, who were taught the same and never could quite reach the prize?

Join me ~ Walking Crow for a transformational event and transform the way you speak to a higher vibration, feel better about who you are and begin to take the steps of freedom, transforming and becoming a whole new you. Allow yourself to heal through embodiment of a new way of speaking.


Location: Live on Zoom

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