Long distance energy healing

sessions available

Walking Crow, Transformational Energy Healing Practitioner & Body, Mind, Spirit Transformational Life Mentor is for those who seek a better way of living through alternative & holistic means. Using subtle energy (Qi) clients come to start and facilitate a change in body, mind & spirit. Anthony also teaches chakra warm up and opening exercises, grounding meditation, and hands on self-healing workshops to help facilitate a healthier stress free environment, for home or the work place. Also available to teach corporate and small business workshops to reduce and manage work place stress... 

A Transformational Energy System of Healing treatment is a technique that clears the chakras and auric field of congestion, facilitating the detoxification of the kidneys, liver and other vital organs. It calms the mind, nervous system and assists the patient in experiencing a deep state of relaxation.


Transformational Hands on Energy Healing Benefits Include:
• Stress relief
• Calming of the mind and nervous system
• Promotion of good health
• Creation of openhearted receptivity and mental clarity
• Easing of emotional trauma
• Clearing blocked and stagnant energy.
• Stimulation of the immune response in the body
• Empowering yourself to create self-healing.

Areas in which energy healing can help Body, Mind & Spirit:
• Childhood or birth trauma
• Emotional or physical abuse
• Job related stress
• Students with social & study related stress
• Postpartum depression
• Depression or extreme sadness
• Anxiety, anger and rage
• Worry and feelings of failure
• Low self-esteem and self worth
• Veterans with P.T.S.D (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
• Relationship based P.T.S.D (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) from abuse, verbal and physical.