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​Is Just an Email or Phone Call Away.

Start to Make Changes That Really Matter in Your Life,
Changes That Will Help Your Transformation
Move You Toward Your Goals.
​Be Empowered, Be in Your Body Mind and Spirit!

​Is Just an Email or Phone Call Away.

Walking Crow

Are you:

  • Feeling frustrated and speaking to yourself the same way day in and day out and not knowing what to do about it? 

  • Confused about impending doom not being able to feel free from a seemingly self-imposed negative space or dark cloud?

  • Stuck in your life, job, relationships, feeling like there's no way out, and don't know what to do or who to talk to?

  • Disappointed because you continually make the same decisions expecting different results in most or all areas of your life? 

  • Tired of settling for the same old tired results and not manifesting your life's dreams, goals, wants, and happiness?



What if you could:

  • Start to experience what it's like to be grounded, safe, and secure in your life, feeling like you can accomplish anything.

  • Move away from an anxiety-filled life and learn to be present transforming yourself and others.

  • Understand and learn how to change results and make your life dreams, goals, wants real creating a new happiness.

  • Make better life decisions and allow yourself to manifest different and more promising results in all areas of your life. 

  • Finally open yourself up to new and exciting lifestyles, creating healthier job environments and relationships.

  • Clear dark, stuck, and unhealthy energy blocks making way for a new transformation of thought process!

  • Finally, change the way you feel and speak about yourself and learn new ways of feeling and being loved.



Transformational Energy Healing Practitioner & Body, Mind, Spirit Transformational Life Mentor is for those who seek a better way of living through alternative & holistic means. Using subtle energy (Qi) clients come to start and facilitate a change in body, mind & spirit. Anthony also teaches chakra warm-up and opening exercises, grounding meditation, and hands-on self-healing workshops to help facilitate a healthier stress-free environment, for home or the workplace. Also available to teach corporate and small business workshops to reduce and manage workplace


A Transformational Energy System of Healing treatment is a technique that clears the chakras and auric field of congestion, facilitating the detoxification of the kidneys, liver, and other vital organs. It calms the mind, nervous system and assists the stress...patient in experiencing a deep state of relaxation

Energy healing also increases the flow of energy to balance, clear, and repair the body. Transformational Healing Practitioner Anthony J. Rodriguez will identify where a client’s energy field may be blocked, disrupted, or damaged and help to restore health to the Body,  Mind, and Spirit. Treatments help individuals to heal naturally and holistically and can be used as an adjunct to medical care.

Disclosure: Not intended to diagnose, treat, provide or replace medical advice, but to be used in adjunct to medical care.

Transformational Energy Healing and Clearing Session
In-Office/ Remote, Long Distance $300.00
Walking Crow

Transformational Sacred Drum Medicine Healing & Journeys

One Hour Session/ Remote, Long Distance $300

Transformational Sacred Energy Mentoring and Coaching 
One Hour Session $150.00/ Remote, Long Distance $200.00


Ceremonial Chord Cutting Ceremony and Healing 

Private Session only $300.00


Subtle Body Energy Readings & Soul Retrieval

One Hour Session/ Remote, Long Distance $300

$50 each additional half hour

Home, Office or Land Shamanic Clearing


Ceremonial/Shamanic Drums Available for Purchase 
​$400.00- $1,000.00 per Custom Made Shamanic Drum

Multiple Session Packages Available  

Public Speaking, Private and Corporate Events


I Would Like to Invite You to Book a No Cost 

20 Minute Emotional Clarity Phone Session 

Please include your name, email, phone number, and a brief description of what you
are currently experiencing in the area of your life where you need the most clarity. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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